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CesisBeauty along Gauju river

To see a piece and parcel of ‘real Latvia’ you must travel to Cesis, this town has already celebrated its 800th birthday a couple of years ago.
The ruins of the Cesis Castle on Riekstu Hill which is now the greatest tourist attraction of Cesis, was once a stronghold of the Livonian knights ruling Latvia and Estonia.
You can take a tour into the castle, they even have guides dressed like a knight to give you a unique experience.
Make sure to have some spare time for the romantic castle park.
he beer brewing tradition of the town is being brought to life during the annual beer festival every year.
Be sure to take some pictures of the high sandstone cliffs along the Gauja river, which is one of the longest rivers of Latvia (450 km long).
Also the museum at the New Castle, the May Park, St. John’s Church, and also the Victory Monument are some of the other impressive places that you cannot afford to miss under any circumstances when you come here.

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